Textile-based artist exploring the intersection between craft and ecology.


Phoebe Millicent Ryan is an artist based in Melbourne, Australia. She lives and works on Wurundjeri Woi-wurrung Country.

Her textile-based practice explores the relationship between humans and environments as well as ideas relating to inter-being, a contemporary philosophy that emphasises the interconnectedness of all things as well as the importance of natural processes.

For Phoebe, art is a means of conntecting to the natural world. Her work uses materials pigmented by organic matter  and often involve the use of environmental elements like sunlight, minerals and rain.  Through this process, she comments on the delicate reciprocity that exists between humans and the animate earth. 

Her process is slow and mindful . Each work requires long periods of concentration to identify and source organic matter, dye, thread and weave cloth that is not separate from life, but entangled with it.

She holds a Master of Art Curatorship and has exhibited in Melbourne and Japan.